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Why Choose Dr. Clear Pool Service of Homes Clinic?

Assured to create and preserve a beautiful swimming time, we tender a wide range of services to meet your request. Whether you need one time clean-up, weekly service or any emergency repair. Homes Clinic will Help you with this dedicated inclusive Pool Service... 

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Keeping your pool spotless and your chemical levels in perfect balance is not as easy as you visualize. This requires steady interest and habitual cleaning and maintenance. If you’re full of activity and your schedule doesn’t allow giving your pool all the consideration and demands, then contact The Homes Clinic and request our weekly pool services. We’ll maintain those chemical levels in order and be sure that your pool is clear clean, helping to keep your pool free of algae development and other possible future troubles.

Reliable Total Pool Service - Your routine pool maintenance is also guarantee, if your are not satisfied with the service made; we come back and redoes the work. From vacuuming, cleaning and inspecting filters, testing your water heater (Electrical or Solar) skimming, balancing you water chemistry.

Knowledgeable and Respectful Technicians - Employing best trained technicians who are enthusiastic by given that outstanding pool tune-up in each appointment.

Superiority Water Quality Guarantee - With the weekly pool service customers get Outstanding Water Quality and  a Super Pool Service Program if they open an Account.


Best Pool Service!

Super Pool Weekly Service for $20.00*

Vacuum Pool Bottom Floor

Clean Waterline Tiles and Skim Surface for Free Debris and Bugs

Clear The Skimmer Baskets

Empty The Baskets Located at Pump and Empty The Vacuum Bag

Verify Appropriate Operation of Filtration System

Balance Water Chemistry

Backwash Pool Filter and Clear any Cartridges

Clean and Verify Automatic Pool Cleaners

Brush All Pool Walls and Steps

Adjust Water Level, as Needed

Correct Directional Water Pressure Nuzzles

Supervise The Right Function of the Entire Pool Equipment

Complete Report and Technician "Notes of Services" After Each Visit by Email.